Quack Attack – Duck Race

Duck Race 2019 results

1st Karen CoetzeeR4000.00
2ndR KaercherR2000.00
3rdLouis LemkuhiR750.00
4thFatima KarjiekerR750.00

Saturday, 28 December at 13h00, find a good spot on the harbour walls at the Knysna Quays for the SPLASH Quack Attack, a fun yellow duck race for up to 1,500 ducks!  Buy a duck number for R50, watch your duck compete in the heats.

The idea is for the tide and wind to encourage the ducks to ‘swim’ along the water canal under the bridge. Racing will consist of number of heats and the race is watched by hundreds of spectators at the Knysna Waterfront!

There are great cash prizes for the first three ducks over the finish line!

The race works much like a raffle, where racers purchase a number.  Each of the 1,500 little yellow plastic ducks has a number. The duck with your number is the duck you back for the race.

At 13h00 the ducks will  be launched into the water at The Waterfront and swim through into the channel below the drawbridge.  It’s a great event for spectators who line the quays to watch the ducks swim over the finish line.

Duck numbers will also be on sale at the Knysna Waterfront on 21 & 28 December. Buy your duck now, as they are limited!

Key details


Date: 28 December 2019

Venue: Knysna Quays – Yacht Bridge

Time: 13h00

Duck sales: 21 & 28 December (Knysna Quays) | 28 December (Knysna Yacht Club deck From 08h00 til 11h00 with Swim registration)

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Price: R50 per duck.

1st Prize: R 4000
2nd Prize: R 2000
3&4th Prizes: R 750 ea

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